Our Story

Good Morning Mama’s Café was one of those little corner filling stations in the early 60’s to succumb to the forces of corporate America. Since its demise as a filling station, it has struggled to stay alive as a nursery, an auto repair shop, a masonry warehouse, and God only knows what else. Soon after Mama and Papa Carolla arrived in Indianapolis, back in the early 70’s, Papa  would frequently drive down 54th Street. As he did, he kept noticing this ole “has been” filling station. Somehow, it would make him think of hot dogs. “It would sure make a great hot dog parlor someday.” So as time passed, he mentioned the idea to Mama Carolla. She wasn’t too excited with the thought. She had been noticing a little ole house  just a little further down the block. The idea of an Italian restaurant is what got her excited! So, to bring this long story to an end, Mama, of course not only got the Italian restaurant, but also the ole filling station that is now Good Morning Mama’s Café. “Just makes good sense,” she said, “Breakfast and lunch at Good Morning Mama’s, dinner at Mama Carolla’s. Why pass up a great opportunity? People eat three meals a day! ”Hope you enjoy your breakfast, while you look around for evidence of the ole filling station. Most of it is under the floor! In the meantime, Papa is still looking for his hot dog parlor.